Part 1: The aftershocks of a break-up

I woke up
to the sound of the rustling wind
whispering words I cannot comprehend
the cold
which once was an estranged friend
is now here to accompany me
through this forlorn journey
that will lead me to the hereafter

I woke up today
with tears in my eyes
I pulled the sheets closer
to remember the warmth you exude
that I so long for each day
your body next to mine with
our lips intertwined
will never cease to bring forth the fire
and desire to be yours once more

this pain
is like a tsunami in my pocket
that I carry around like a gun
this emptiness
is like a spell without an antidote
that I’m willing to wear like my favorite lipstick
because losing you
is a disaster
that is by far the only kind of death I want to know

it’s such a shame
for people like you and me
to part in the most despicable way
as my love for you has now become
a monster in disguise
waiting on a prey
secretly hoping it’ll be you again one day


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