I quit my job and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made


…..unless you’re notorious ass kisser then this won’t probably work for you.

More than two years ago I applied for a job in a small company not too far from where I live. It was obviously not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life but it was great; the travel time was quite reasonable given the horrendous traffic in my area and I needed the money so I took the offer. It was so awesome. The place was small and I knew everyone in it–it even made me feel at home to be quite honest. Although the nature of work wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, there was a brief moment where I saw myself staying there for a long time. It personally wasn’t my dream job, but it had grown on me as I eventually learned the ropes, became comfortable and even got recognized a few times for doing such a good job. At the time I was quite content, you know? I was making and spending my own money while also providing extra help for my family. Doesn’t sound like the worst thing, does it? So why did I quit my job despite all my adult responsibilities that’re waiting to kill me?

Quitting is often regarded as a sign of weakness but sometimes, quitting a job you so despise will turn everything around. Holding on to it longer as you watch it drain you won’t do you any good–that’s torture. I wish I had known that sooner, though.

I brushed the thought of leaving numerous times throughout the last couple of years because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. I cracked up and cried so many times inside the bathroom stall, thinking of just running away but ended up in the same old desk with the same old, awful people. Believe me when I say I tried so hard to toughen up however, I wasn’t fully aware that I had to sacrifice so much of my energy and patience being in a stressful environment for 40 hours every week. I thought I had to suck it up and be a man, but it turns out I can only take so much.

I quit not because I’m weak but because I simply, utterly cannot stand people who think so highly of themselves and dismiss others so easily like they own the world. I respect that there’s a hierarchy and all but what I couldn’t understand is how corrupt and rotten a company’s so called “system” can be. Well I guess you automatically become the enemy once you notice the sickening smoke coming out of the chimney.

My point here is don’t be like me. Don’t be afraid of what’s next for you or how you’re supposed to pay for your bills or what you’re going to eat tomorrow–wing it! No, seriously. If you’re unhappy with your job and waking up requires you to exert so much effort, then it’s definitely time for you to say bye-bye to everyone who you have been wanting to injure so bad. Do yourself a huge favor and find a company that will treat you fairly or better yet, do something that will lead you closer to your passion because we can’t just keep letting other people bring us down as they climb their greasy pole.


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