How to: Adult


If you are in your twenties I’m pretty sure you are struggling with problems with your love life, friends who turned out to be enemies, your boss or job that you hate so much or just life in general. Being on this stage might be the most favorable time for some people my age, but not for me. I am seeing others slowly reach their dreams in front of my very eyes and am just astounded by how they are able to do it. Some of them are already successful in what they do be it professionally or personally; they are either getting their master’s degree or happily juggling work and taking care of their children. This must be the turning point between teenage life and adulthood. How come I was taught to compute the mass of the ball on the Moon but not handle real life issues such as dealing with job application rejection or keeping a stable income to pay bills and all that hassle? I’m positive that this was not in my curriculum back in college. Can I just go back to being 7 years old? Or not. I’m not exactly sure if it was a good time either but at least I can only remember so much. So tell me, how does one take on life and own it?

This is my journey to getting where I am destined to be. Join me as I swim through the tidal waves and read my mind as I watch it all unfold.


Cheers to this cruel but equally beautiful life!




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